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Welcome to our wonderful world of creativity, educational and motor-skills development.  We specialize in developing skills needed for school and life by using pottery and child-related craft lessons as a medium to children, from age 3, at their schools countrywide - and where requested.

We specialize in that our students make their own creations whilst having a claypot full of fun!

The following results, of extensive research over many years, is a definite wake up call for parents and teachers:
 *  98% of children from 4 to 5 year reveal a superior level of creative behaviour
 *  at age of 10-11 years only 30% of these children are at this level  
 *  at the age of 15-16 the figure drops to 12%   
 *  adults above 25 years: only 2% tested superior creative behaviour!

Franchisor and founder:  Linda Lloyd    
(registered Neethling Brain Instrument Whole Brain practitioner:  SA010-1161)                                
Trade marks:  Registered

Copyright : Linda Lloyd CC 2009        

Telephone:  +27 21 913 7444                                             

R.S.A. Mobile:  082 444 2223

mail to: info@bacreate.com 

Now Franchising in Australia and the UK: please contact us at the above e-mail address for our Info-Pack.